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Ultra-rares are exceedingly rare items that have an exceptionally low chance of dropping, much lower than regular items and Semi-rares. The only way to increase the likelihood of ultra-rares is via the use of nonseizium gear; there is no other way to increase the odds. In the words of Ryme: "[aside from nonseizium] ultrarares aren't affected by anything whatsoever". Specifically, Combat chance modifiers have no effect.

Ultra-rares can either be a rare foe with a guaranteed drop, a rare adventure, a rare drop from a foe, or a rare choice option of an adventure. Once all the requirements for an ultra-rare event have been met, the chance of the event occurring is the same for all ultra-rares, except Filthy sock puppet which has a higher chance.

There are 9 known ultra-rares:

  • Rare foes:
  • Rare adventures:
  • Rare drops:
  • Rare choice: