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Item Number: 922
Description ID: 1023395
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black box
Plural: black boxen
Inside this black box are recorders for time, geophysical location, temperature, humidity, acceleration, and deceleration; video recorders of your foe; chemical analyzers of your sweat; spectral analyzers for the powers unleashed by you or your opponents; audio compression and analysis tools; air quality samplers; and about half a dozen meters of more questionable merit (the aura interpreter isn't talking about the psion aura, for instance, and the I Ching caster, Electric Sheep subliminizer, and Electric Monk guilt processor seem to be right out.) Weirdly, the one thing it doesn't have is a compass.

Offhand Item
Item cannot traded, sold, or placed in a memento display

Collects crime data for Dirk Douglass.
Rental equipment is lost at rollover

How Obtained

Accept Dirk's job at Sherlock & Poirot, Crime Analysts

Other Uses

After every two hours of adventuring with this equipped:

Black-box.gif Your little black box beeps quietly, letting you know that it's full of data. You swing by the lab and let Dirk download everything. He puts a little tick in your IOU tally sheet, saying you've earned one favor from the group.

You got an item: crimebusters IOU Iou.gif


  • The two hours count is reset at rollover, i.e. leftover time from one day does not roll to the next day.
  • The time counted is the actual time spent. That is, if one gains a shorter turn though Prepunctuality or through any of the chairs, a shorter amount of time is counted.
  • The only exception to the above rule is time gained through the use of throwing star - black hole. As this takes the user a minute back in time, the time gained was spent adventuring and it does count.
  • The time counted includes additional time lost when being Defeated.
  • Time spent resting, PvPing, or playing games does not count.