CTC Trainees

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Trainee Tents
Location: Camp Training Camp
Combat %: 81.3 ± 1.3
Foe XP range: 133-139
ID: 64

You must have at least 70 Strength to patrol here. If you do not, you will instead receive the message:

As you approach the area, one of the larger brutes peels off from the group and blocks you from approaching. "This training program is for strong men and women. You're not strong enough to participate. If you get hit with some cosmic rays, come back and we can talk."
You must have 70 strength to patrol here.

Combat Adventures

blue trainee

Item Drops: super-advanced weapon, dongle

Experience Gained: 137

brute in training

Item Drops: pugil stick, sweat suit, tin medal

Experience Gained: 133

Clearance Clarence

Item Drops: Computer Friend

Experience Gained: ?

Notes: Ultra-rare

green trainee

Item Drops: sweat suit, gross bag, portable desk

Experience Gained: 135

ultraviolet trainee

Item Drops: pugil stick, mind juice, ultra-visor

Experience Gained: 139

Noncombat Adventures

I'm Confident This is a Course

  • Other: 2 Strength