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Veteran Barracks
Location: Camp Training Camp
Combat %: 80
Foe XP range: 141-147
ID: 65

You must have at least 70 Reflexes to patrol here. If you do not, you will instead receive the message:

A veteran stops you before you get anywhere near the rest of the group. "Strength is important, yes, but an experienced fighter also has to be quick, or he might as well be dead. You'd better work on your reaction time if you want to come in here."
You must have 70 reflexes to patrol here.

Combat Adventures

bland veteran

Item Drops: item

Experience Gained: 143

seasoned veteran

Item Drops: pugil stick, suspicious syringe, sweat suit

Experience Gained: 141

vegan veteran

Item Drops: nylon shoes, tofu knife

Experience Gained: 147

veterinarian veteran

Item Drops: horse pill, Animal Kung-Fu for Fools, sweat suit

Experience Gained: 145

Noncombat Adventures

The Best Training Schoolyards Can Provide

  • Other: 2 Reflexes


  • The chance of each adventure, combat or non-combat, is equal (1/5).