Dress pajamas

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Item Number: 2065
Description ID: 75366539
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dress pajamas
Plural: sets of dress pajamas
Tuxedos are wonderful things and anyone will look good in one. They even have tuxedo tshirts and tuxedo masks. Why not have tuxedo pajamas? Or since you'll be the James Bond of superheroes, perhaps we should call them tuxedo pyjamas.

Full-body suit
Power: 60
Autosell value: 500

+5 to initiative
+5 ranged damage - for Gadgeteers only

How Obtained

Assemble.gif wad of cashmere pitch black pajamas
Equals.gif dress pajamas
No-recyclonizing.gif Although this item has a proper auto-sell value, it cannot be recyclonized, digitized, fed to the goats, or deplicated.


  • James Bond is a famous wearer of tuxedos.
  • The description contains a reference to Tuxedo Mask, a character in Sailor Moon.