Flak helmet

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Item Number: 26
Description ID: 5882717
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flak helmet
Plural: flak helmets
Like my dad always used to say: "If it looks like a duck and flaks like a duck, it's probably insurance." Uh, anyway ... it may look a little dorky, but this helmet will provide your noggin with a little bit of damage insurance, assuming you are like most people who look up when someone yells "Duck!"

Power: 28
Level Required: 5
Autosell value: 20
Can be welded

How Obtained


When Used

You rap sharply twice on the top of the helmet and say, "Knock knock!" An echoing voice calls out "Who's there?" but it's no use, you can't fool yourself or tell yourself jokes.

Other Uses

No-recyclonizing.gif Although this item has a proper auto-sell value, it cannot be recyclonized, digitized, fed to the goats, or deplicated.


  • The item's description references the Aflac Duck, which appears in Aflac insurance commercials.
  • The use message references Knock-knock jokes.