Follow Your Nose to a Balanced Breakfast

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1. After accepting Leyonne's job at Sherlock & Poirot, Crime Analysts, the following message appears in your journal:

You're trying to help Leyonne track down a cereal criminal, who can reportedly be found X.

Where X is one of:

Minimum Level Location
8 around the military base out in the desert
12 at the Triassic Park and Bestiary
4 at the university rave
16 by that castle out in the mountains
10 by that robot hive in the industrial district
5 by the park where the Guild for Imaginative Metachronism hangs out
7 down by the docks
6 downtown, somewhere on the streets
9 downtown, but not at street level, it's somewhere up by the rooftops
6 in Area 54
4 in the City of Lost Robots
1 in the neighborly neighborhood in Somerset
2 in the slums in Somerset
3 in the Somerset sewers
1 in your neighborhood in Somerset
2 near the Cannonball Tavern in Somerset
9 near the Cube Theater
5 near the Golden Wooden Nickel Casino
7 near the Zion's Tears building
11 somewhere near Shiloh Sanatarium

2. After adventuring with cereal port scanner equipped for 2:45-3:10 hours you will encounter one of these:

3. Defeat your foe to receive 3 crimebusters IOU, after which the quest is removed from your journal.



  • This quest is repeatable daily.
  • The location is randomly chosen for each player on rollover.
  • You will not be assigned to a location which is inaccessible for your level. However, the location can be inaccessible due to not finishing a quest.
  • If you are sent to the Somerset sewers, time spent in the Dank and Rusty Maze does not count.
  • If you fail to defeat your foe you will get:
The cereal port scanner goes haywire, bleeping and buzzing like an infuriated R2 droid. You take this to mean you missed your target. It's still scanning, though, so maybe you can still track the villain down.

You will need to adventure in the same area for 25-35 minutes to get a shot at another foe.

  • If you don't finish this quest in the same day it was given, it is canceled on rollover. Also, if you start a fight and you don't finish it by rollover, rollover cancels the fight.
  • The time taken can be reduced by using throwing star - black hole in combat.


  • The crime you are fighting is not serial crime.
  • "Part of a balanced breakfast" is a slogan used by cereal companies.
  • "R2 droid" refers to R2-D2.

--Muhandes 08:08, 6 January 2010 (UTC)