Old-style ambulance

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Item Number: 184
Description ID: 3495807
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old-style ambulance
Plural: old-style ambulances
In between fights, if you're cruising around in one of these things, with the sirens blaring nearly as loud as your theme music, you can take advantage of some of the left-over medical capabilities to patch yourself up a little. You know, sort out the blood from the ectoplasm, recharge your neutron packs, rebalance your PKE readings, stuff like that. With this car, you ain't afraid of no crime.

Range: 3
Autosell value: 400

+3 HP per turn

How Obtained

Seedy Casinos

Other Uses

No-recyclonizing.gif Although this item has a proper auto-sell value, it cannot be recyclonized, digitized, fed to the goats, or deplicated.


  • References (several times) the Ghostbusters movie series, where the Ghostbusters used an old ambulance as their main transport.