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This template is to be used to specify and autocat modifiers. It can be used to set to set:

Categories format example yields
Category:Bonus Melee Damage {{modifier|meleedamage|+3}} +3 Melee damage
Category:Bonus Ranged Damage {{modifier|rangeddamage|+3}} +3 Ranged damage
Category:Bonus Melee Damage
Category:Bonus Ranged Damage
{{modifier|weapondamage|+3}} +3 weapon damage (ranged or melee)
{{modifier|weapondamagep|+50%}} +50% weapon damage
Category:Bonus Spell Damage {{modifier|spelldamage|+2}} +2 spell damage
{{modifier|spelldamageelement|fire|+20%}} +20% spell damage on fire spells
Category:Bonus Elemental Damage {{modifier|elementaldamage|electric|+1}} +1 electric damage
Category:Bonus Elemental Damage
Category:Cool as Ice
{{modifier|cool}} Cool as Ice
Category:Resist Elemental Damage {{modifier|elementalres|fire|+10%}} +10% fire resistance
{{modifier|elementalres|elem|+4%}} +4% resist fire, ice, electric, and acid damage
{{modifier|elementalres|all|-15%}} -15% resistance to all elements
Category:Bonus To Hit {{modifier|tohit|+5%}} +5% to hit
Category:HP Regeneration {{modifier|hpregen|+3}} +3 HP per turn
{{modifier|hpregenl|+X}} Regenerates HP as a function of level (currently +X HP per turn).
Category:PP Regeneration {{modifier|ppregen|+3}} +3 PP per turn
{{modifier|ppregenl|+X}} Regenerates PP as a function of level (currently +X PP per turn).
Category:Damage Absorption {{modifier|absorb|+2}} +2 damage absorption
Category:Chips {{modifier|chips|+5%}} +5% chips
Category:Item Drops {{modifier|items|+5%}} +5% item drops
{{modifier|metaldrop|+50%}} +50% base metal drops
{{modifier|metaldropnote|+5%}} (titanium, plasteel, cybertronium, tok'l)
{{modifier|sugardrop|+20%}} +20% sugar item drops
Category:Strength Modifiers {{modifier|strength|-1}} -1 Strength
Category:Intellect Modifiers {{modifier|intellect|-1}} -1 Intellect
Category:Reflexes Modifiers {{modifier|reflexes|-1}} -1 Reflexes
Category:Maximum HP {{modifier|hp|-2}} -2 to maximum HP
{{modifier|hpp|+10%}} +10% to your maximum Hit Points
Category:Maximum HP
Category:MechaPinata Fortitude
{{modifier|fortitude}} MechaPinata Fortitude (Currently +X to Maximum HP)
Category:Maximum PP {{modifier|pp|+8}} +8 to maximum PP
{{modifier|ppp|+20%}} +20% to your maximum Power Points
Category:Auras Duration {{modifier|auras|+10%}} +10% to the duration of auras
Category:HP Returned {{modifier|hpreturned|+5%}} +5% of weapon damage returned as HP
Category:PP Returned {{modifier|ppreturned|+5%}} +5% of weapon damage returned as PP
Category:Initiative Modifiers {{modifier|initiative|+5}} +5 to initiative
Category:Turn Duration {{modifier|turn|+30}} +30 seconds to the duration of each turn***
{{modifier|turnnote}} *** Maximum time benefit of -60 seconds, total, including Heroic Efficiency.
Category:Dodging Ability {{modifier|dodge|+10}} +10 dodging ability
Category:Breath Under Water {{modifier|underwater|component}} A component of equipment required to breathe under water.
{{modifier|underwater}} Grants wearer the ability to breathe under water.
Category:Super Jumping {{modifier|jump}} Grants wearer the ability for super jumps
Category:Flying Ability {{modifier|fly}} Grants wearer the ability to fly
Category:Strike-back Damage {{modifier|back|6}} Attacker takes 6 damage
{{modifier|backpp|+10% sonic}} Attacker takes +10% sonic damage upon successful hit.
Category:Bonus XP {{modifier|xp|+2}} +2 XP per turn
Category:Computer Interaction {{modifier|computer}} Your software triggers more consistently.
{{modifier|computerimp}} Your software triggers less consistently.
Category:No Accessory Limit {{modifier|noacc}} It is possible to wear two of this item.
Category:Can Be Decrypted {{modifier|decrypt}} Can be decrypted
Category:Software {{modifier|requirescomputer}} (Requires Computer)
Category:Fumble Chance {{modifier|fumble|none}} No weapon fumbles, ever.
{{modifier|fumble|-4%}} -4% chance of weapon fumbles.**
{{modifier|fumblenote}} ** Fumble and critical hit values are capped at +/- 20%.
Category:Critical Hits Chance {{modifier|critical|+2%}} +2% chance of critical hits.**
{{modifier|criticalnote}} ** Fumble and critical hit values are capped at +/- 20%.
Spell Critical Chance {{modifier|spellcritical|+2%}} +2% chance of spell critical hits.**
{{modifier|spellcriticalnote}} ** Fumble and critical hit values are capped at +/- 20%.
Category:Devastating Criticals {{modifier|dcritical}} Devastating Criticals
Category:Defense Modifiers {{modifier|defense|+5}} +5 defense
Category:Combat Chance {{modifier|combat|noncombat}} Increased chance of noncombat adventures.*
{{modifier|combat|combat}} Increased chance of combat adventures.*
{{modifier|combatnote}} * Combat and noncombat chances can only be increased up to a maximum of 20% in either direction.
Category:Companion Sources {{modifier|companion}} Gets you a temporary companion.
Category:SQUID Players {{modifier|squid|110%}} Allows the use of SQUID discs. 110% effective.
Category:Couches {{modifier|couch}} You can find up to five things in this couch every day, each of which can summon a sidekick.
Category:PvP Items {{modifier|pvp}} Approved for use in the PvP arena.
Category:Invisibility {{modifier|invisibility}} Grants invisibility (chat effect).
Category:Extra Attacks {{modifier|extraattack|+1}} +1 extra ranged attack(s) per turn.
Category:Foe Toughness {{modifier|toughness|+15}} +15 foe toughness.
Category:Weaken {{modifier|weakens|2}} Successful hit weakens opponents (by 2 points).
Category:Sidekick Effectiveness {{modifier|sidekickeffect|+25%}} +25% effectiveness from your sidekick.
Category:Skill Cost {{modifier|ppcost|combat|-1}} -1 to the cost of combat skills
{{modifier|ppcost|all|-2}} Using skills costs -2 PP
Category:Reputation Effectiveness {{modifier|reputation}} Increases the effectiveness of reputation-affecting choices.
Category:Offense Modifiers {{modifier|offense|+10}} +10 offense
Category:Self Damage {{modifier|selfdamage|2 fire}} Take 2 fire damage per round of combat
Category:Rental Equipment {{modifier|rental}} Rental equipment is lost at rollover
{{modifier|rentaleon}} Temporally unstable gear disappears at rollover
Category:Soul Gazing {{modifier|soulgazing}} Allows soul gazing.
Category:Enemy Fumble Chance {{modifier|enemyfumble|+8%}} +8% chance of enemy fumbles**
Category:Stun Opponents {{modifier|stun|1%}} 1% chance to stun opponents
Category:Better Taming {{modifier|tame|+5%}} +5% better taming
Category:Disastrous Fumbles {{modifier|disastrous}} Causes disastrous fumbles.
Category:Cute {{modifier|cute}} Cute and cuddly!
Category:Fight Initiators {{modifier|fight}} Using this item initiates a fight.
Category:Resting Tools {{modifier|rest}} Can be used as a resting tool.
Category:Understudy Skill Items {{modifier|understudy}} Gives your sidekick understudy a new skill.
{{modifier|understudy|Honorable thief}} Gives your sidekick understudy a new skill.
Category:Skill Items {{modifier|skill}} Grants you a non-permanent skill when used. (Skill can be permed, but is not by default.)
{{modifier|skill|perm}} Grants you a permanent skill when used. (Skill is retained across retcons.)
{{modifier|skill|perm|Detective Memory}} Grants you a permanent skill when used. (Skill is retained across retcons.)
Category:Avatar Items {{modifier|avatar}} Grants an avatar image when used. (Unlike the empty picture frame, this is a specific image, not an image of your choice.)
Category:Brutish Appearance {{modifier|brute}} Gives wearer a slightly brutish appearance.
Category:UR chance {{modifier|urchance}} Infinitesimally increased odds of finding an ultra-rare.
Category:Nonseizium chance {{modifier|nonseiziumchance}} Moderately increased odds of finding nonseizium.
Category:Prevents Bad Injuries {{modifier|injuries}} Prevents bad injuries
Category:Sidekick Performance {{modifier|sidekickperform|+5}} +5 levels to sidekick performance. (Does not exceed level cap.)
Category:Resist Elemental Capacity {{modifier|elementalrescap|+5%}} +5% capacity to all resistances
Category:Villain Encounter modifiers {{modifier|villain|+5%}} Villains find you 5% faster
Category:Bolster {{modifier|bolster|Offense}} Bolsters your Offense when the city is under attack
Category:Run Away {{modifier|freerunnote}} * Counts uses of other Free Runaway skills
Category:Nomicon {{modifier|nomicon}} Shares a daily counter with other 'nomicon skills
Category:Madness {{modifier|madness}} Madness?
Category:Wailing of Yuggoth {{modifier|wailing}} Wailing of Yuggoth (X dB)
Category:Heirloom Derby Reward {{modifier|heirloom}} Better the longer it's been in the family
Category:Hip With The Kids {{modifier|hip}} Hip with the kids

The following seem to be singleton modifiers so they have no category and cannot be autocat:

  • Grants wearer a healthy skepticism
  • Grants wearer protection from noxious gases
  • Wearer occasionally gains extra stat points.
  • Increases all stats by X level(s)
  • X damage to melons
  • Can discharge elemental attacks after charging for a couple of turns.
  • Provides a veritable rainbow of beneficial results in combat.
  • Can perform up to 5 airstrike attacks per day.
  • Refreshingly climate-controlled cabin.
  • You do know Jack. Specifically, Jack's physiology.
  • Allows you to use a battle cry at the beginning of combat. (Editable through account settings.)
  • Provides personalized flair (see account settings).
  • Allows your sidekick to sometimes perform a vicious judo chop in fights.
  • Sidekicks occasionally provide refreshment.
  • Causes disastrous fumbles.
  • X damage to giants
  • X defense against windmills
  • Provides several special attacks in combat.
  • Occasionally causes foes to drop restoratives.
  • You can leave your fiery mark on opponents if they fumble
  • Chance of stunning opponents if you win initiative
  • Unsurprisingly, the benefit of a marium detector is that it detects marium.
  • X damage against rabbits
  • Foes never have critical hits.
  • No critical hits, ever.
  • +X damage against wicked stepmothers
  • Also inaudible, untasteable, and unsmellable
  • Cracks Nuts
  • Chance of flurries
  • Your Elemental spells sometimes conjure water
  • Your Naturalist combat skills sometimes stun opponents
  • Your Gadgeteer combat abilities grant bonus Ranged Attacks
  • Your Psion spells steal HP
  • Deals electric damage as it bounces
  • 10% of weapon electric damage returned as PP
  • Doubles chance of stun using Groundquake
  • Madness!?

For now PvP modifiers are uncategorized. If the need arises this will be coded in the future. This include:

  • X PvP starting points
  • X PvP offense
  • X PvP defense
  • X PvP fierce attack
  • X PvP standard attack
  • X PvP tentative attack
  • X PvP block defense
  • X PvP parry defense
  • X PvP dodge defense
  • X extra PvP rank gained per win
  • Increased chance of getting a bonus token in a PvP win.
  • X seconds to the duration of each PvP duel