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  • Twilight's anniversary is celebrated every year on October 31st, which is also after Halloween.
  • One day later, a letter is sent to everyone who logged in for Halloween, with a commemorative present.

Twilight's anniversary 2008

Please accept this small gift as thanks for celebrating Twilight's anniversary with me yesterday. I was going to say something heartfelt and touching here about players and fun and the value of laughter and yadda yadda yadda, but that was too sappy. So, uh, thanks. Just thanks.

Included item: paper placeholder (quantity 1) Noimage2.gif

Twilight's anniversary 2009

Please accept this small gift as thanks for celebrating Twilight's anniversary with me yesterday. I hope everyone had fun, I know I did. Should be great stuff coming all month, so keep checking back in.

Included item: cotton candy apple (quantity 1) Cotton-candy-apple.gif

Twilight's anniversary 2010

Happy anniversary, heroes of Twilight. It's been a big year, discovering the Mick, initiating retcon, and a whole bunch of other things I can't even remember. Thanks for playing, and here's to hoping next year is as good as this past one.

Included item: leather leaf lanyard (quantity 1)Leather-leaf-lanyard.gif

Twilight's anniversary 2011

Happy anniversary to Twilight Heroes. Thanks for joining us this year and helping make the game so much fun.

Included item: supremely silky spider (quantity 1)Silk-spider.gif

Twilight's anniversary 2012

Thanks to everyone who dropped by yesterday to help us celebrate the fifth year of Twilight Heroes!

I can't speak for anyone else, but I'm looking forward to fighting crime for another year in Twilight.


Included item: festively folded fork (quantity 1)Festivefork.gif

Twilight's anniversary 2013

Here's to friends new and old. Thanks for helping us celebrate our 6th year of Twilight Heroes.


Included item: well wrought weight (quantity 1)Wellwroughtweight.gif

Twilight's anniversary 2014

It's Twilight Heroes' 7th Anniversary. That's seven years of beating up villains, getting merit badges, saving cities, collecting items, forming leagues, and receiving anniversary gifts.

Oh, yeah, anniversary gifts! Here you go!


Included item: curious copper column (quantity 1)Curiouscoppercolumn.gif

Twilight's anniversary 2015

Here's to Twilight's 8th Anniversary! Thanks to you all for sharing those years with us.


Included item: genuinely gallant garter (quantity 1)Gallantgarter.gif

Twilight's anniversary 2016

Thanks for celebrating the ninth year of Twilight Heroes with us. Nine years and still so much stuff we can do together.

Here's to another year in Twilight!


Included item: whimsical willow whisk (quantity 1)Whimsicalwillowwhisk.gif

Twilight's anniversary 2017

Today brings us to ten years of Twilight Heroes. Ten years! It's been quite a ride.

I'm excited to see where we're at in another ten years, but that means more stuff tomorrow, this week, this month, and this year. I hope you're here to see it with us!


Included item: transparent tin torus (quantity 1)Transparenttintorus.gif

Twilight's anniversary 2018

Happy 11th Anniversary, Twilight! I suppose that means this year, we're going to have to turn things up to eleven.


Included item: stainless steel straw (quantity 1)Stainlesssteelstraw.gif

Twilight's anniversary 2019

Happy twelve years of Twilight Heroes!


Included item: late linen lemur (quantity 1)Linenlemur.gif

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