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Item Number: 2628
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caroling sheets
Plural: sets of carolingian sheets
Although people mostly carol around the holidays, you can get classic songs stuck in people's heads all year long with these song sheets. Just because it's not Christmas doesn't mean you can't sing about snow, reindeer, jinglebells, bowls full of jelly, or mysteriously animate snowmen.

Just don't do it around anyone who works retail. After hearing the songs all winter, the memory can make them see red and green.

Miscellaneous Item
Item cannot be auto-sold

Gets you a temporary companion.

How Obtained

Was given to each player by Kinak as a gift for Christmas 2016. The message said:

One thing I learned working from home, is that Christmas songs are actually okay if you don't have to listen to them constantly. So be sure to use your newfound powers responsibly and only recruit people to carol with you once a day.

I hope you have lots of reasons to burst into joyous song over the holidays and into next year.

Merry Christmas!

Included item: caroling sheets (quantity 1) Christmascarols.gif

When Used

You call up a little snowstorm and hand out pamphlets to get people in the caroling mood.
With your psychic powers, your holiday cheer is on display for all to feel. Between that and handing out the pamphlets, it's easy to get people in the caroling mood.
You invent a mobile karaoke cart and hand out pamphlets to get people in the caroling mood.
You channel the festive power of reindeer and hand out pamphlets to get people in the caroling mood.

You gained a companion: Caroler for 90 minutes

  • Subsequent uses the same day:
You seem to have exhausted Twilight's supply of Christmas cheer for the day.


  • The item is usable once per day, and is not consumed when used.