Disguise Foe

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Disguise Foe

Allows you to change your foes' appearance and, with it, their very essence.

Can change three enemies a day, plus once more for every Skill Point invested in it (X Uses Left Today)

Combat Skill
Cost: 10 PP

Obtained From

When Used

  • When used on a foe that can't be disguised:

You could dress them up, but their <foe name> costume is already pretty good. (No PP used)

  • When used on an already disguised foe:

To think that you could already top your magnus opus. No, my friend, no. (No PP used)

  • When used after daily uses are expended (fewer than 10 skill points):

And you're spent. No more spooky costumes today... unless, of course, you put more skill points in Disguise Foe. Then maybe.

  • When used after daily uses are expended (10 skill points):

And you're spent. No more spooky costumes today... even the great masters must rest.

  • When successfully disguising a foe:

You unilaterally decide your foe needs a slick new look and pull them into a whirlwind costume montage.

And... magnifique!

<disguised form's description>


  • X starts with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 13 depending on the number of Skill-point.gif skill points invested.
  • Disguised foes have names composed by 2 words, the 2nd being initiated with the ROT13 letter of the 1st word.
    The skill uses the 1st letter of the foe's name to decide which disguised foe it'll be transformed into, matching that letter with the initial letters of the corresponding disguised foe's name.
  • Disguising a foe whose name begins with a numeral (404 State, for example) results in fighting a random disguised foe.
Disguise Foe Skill
Foe Item Effect
alien ninja alien throwing star Damage
black ocelot unlucky costume fur stuns for 2-3 rounds
cute pumpkin godmother's carriage free runaway
doesn't work after midnight
deranged quester fetch quest replicates foe
evil rainbow evil rainbow shard D a m a g e
All elements
frightful shadow extra shadow gives 50% of the foe's XP
ghostly tyrannosaurus prehistoric sheet 40% ice damage
40% dodging ability reduction
haunted umbrella umbrella ghost Umbrella ghost (companion)
blocking ability
impish villain imp teacup caffeine source
jowly werewolf potatopotato adds 1 skill point to
the Disguise Foe skill
killer x-ray X-ray film Psychic Damage
PP gain
laughing yeti yeti yurt resting tool
menacing zombie zombites sugar source
Master Zyx grants 3-6 of the above items Also grants a disguised foe's avatar