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08-01-20 August's offering at the Wok of Stars may have melted a bit, but that just makes it more flexible.

07-15-20 Beware the Ides of July.

07-01-20 It's the first Jewel Eye at the Wok of Stars.

06-01-20 The Wok of Stars is the spot for spotting this month.

05-07-20 Added another way to get memory tubes for the casino quest.

05-01-20 The Wok of Stars calls for aid. Well, it's more calling for stars to help you call for aid. But you get the idea.

04-12-20 Today, a chocolate bunny has brought eggs and crafting recipes for all the heroes of Twilight.

04-01-20 Happy April! I'm sure nothing strange is happening today.

04-01-20 It's business time at the Wok of Stars.

03-28-20 High level heroes can now talk to the police to begin the Stalker Quest. Like the Mad Scientist Quest, this will be added in stages, so it can't be completed yet.

03-26-20 In real life, Opening Day is postponed. But don't let that stop you from beating up some baseball-themed badguys.

03-08-20 Despite the defeat of the Daylight Saver, time continues to wobble along its course.

03-01-20 The march of time has resumed and nowhere is that more apparent than the Wok of Stars.

02-29-20 Twenty... ninth? Sounds like the work of the nefarious Daylight Saver!

02-14-20 Happy Villaintine's Day!

02-12-20 New talismans in the Wok of Stars offer insight into the inner lives of teenagers, sidekicks, and teenaged sidekicks.

02-08-20 The last few years of items can now be listed in the House of Auctions.

02-05-20 The forums should be back up. Let me know if there are any problems.

02-04-20 There's a forum update in progress for a day or two.

02-01-20 Get tomorrow's hindsight today at the Wok of Stars!

01-10-20 There's actually a surprising amount of snow coming up.

01-01-20 New year means new scythes at the Wok of Stars!