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12-31-16 It's the last day of the year! I think this calls for a party!

12-27-16 The Wok of Stars' yearly talismans have received a dark and gritty reboot.

12-27-16 Another dark and gritty talisman can be unlocked in Nocturne's (and one of you already has).

12-25-16 Merry Christmas to Twilight and to all a good night!

12-24-16 I'm dreaming of a white Christmas Eve.

12-09-16 Say hello (or less polite things) to the first snow of the year.

12-06-16 We'll be doing some server updates today. Sorry for any strangeness.

12-03-16 With enough Goldberg items, you can move the world... or brute force the Goldbergium Door.

12-01-16 Jingle bell(ista) rock at the Wok of Stars.

12-01-16 Happy International Joke Day!

11-25-16 While his guards were out hunting for deals, Captain Buzzkill escaped to threaten the city of Twilight.

11-16-16 The crafting contest's candy and costumes can now be created in game (with a few tweaks)! Congratulations!

11-11-16 Do you remember the podcast of November?

11-06-16 Remember that next rollover may appear an hour off due to the machinations of the Daylight Saver.

11-01-16 Make friends and inspire them (to shoot people with lasers) with help from the Wok of Stars.

11-01-16 Here's to nine years of Twilight Heroes!

10-31-16 Happy Halloween Twilight!

10-28-16 The thread is open for November's podcast questions!

10-26-16 The Boston Stranglers have taken over Frank's Ballpark. First the goat and now the this!

10-20-16 Bolstering equipment provides more feedback and more is available for league quartermasters.

10-18-16 This month's Call for Heroes reward goes to Thaz! Congrats!

10-16-16 By popular (and obvious-in-retrospect) request, the crafting contest has been extended to the 31st.

10-05-16 Come create candy confections and costume couture in the new crafting contest.

10-01-16 Trap yourself (and your foes and the Wok of Stars) in an age-old conflict.

09-25-16 Some new player-suggested crafting has been welded into the game. Thanks, everyone!

09-18-16 Congrats Skitter, for winning this month's Call for Heroes!

09-15-16 Beware the Ides of September.

09-15-16 The league training gym has a few new hidden rewards.

09-02-16 Visit the Wok of Stars for some truly fancy pants.

09-01-16 So, Kinak's birthday didn't go as planned. September's Wok item should be up in the next day or two. Also the game and forums might be a bit flaky for a while as I make security changes.

08-31-16 Happy Birthday, Kinak!

08-13-16 Even under the hot summer sun, we can't let bugs survive.

08-01-16 A new game console is sweeping Twilight, starting at the Wok of Stars.

07-29-16 The wiki is back up and running. Thanks, Olaf!

07-07-16 League training... now with holograms!

07-01-16 Explore new vistas with your sidekick and the Wok of Stars.

06-01-16 There's a new item in the Wok of Stars. They call it Doctor Sword.

05-15-16 Beware the Ides of May.

05-01-16 New items are flowering at the Wok of Stars.

04-29-16 A toxic new threat approaches the leagues of Twilight.

04-06-16 Opening Day might be cancelled due to snow, but it seems nobody told the Boston Stranglers.

04-01-16 See a golden opportunity at the Wok of Stars.

04-01-16 Nothing else special is happening in Twilight today.

03-30-16 Check out the tenth Twilight Heroes podcast with Mad Science, the future, and more!

03-25-16 Spring, alas, is the time of year we all must take care of bugs.

03-22-16 Have questions for Kinak? Wondering what's past mad science? Ask here for the next podcast.

03-17-16 The Goldbergium Door can now be opened. Not easily, but it can be opened.

03-16-16 Under "Account Settings" in the upper right is a mailing list option I've never used. Just saying.

03-13-16 Remember that Twilight still bends to the will of the Daylight Saver and tomorrow's rollover may appear earlier to you.

03-01-16 Tune in for an adjustable new item at the Wok of Stars.

02-29-16 Wait, there's a February 29th? What sort of villain has the power to create an entire day?

02-24-16 Winter struggles to keep us in its icy grip...

02-18-16 See you at the Petting Zoo.

02-14-16 Happy Villaintine's Day!

02-09-16 Looks like the snow finally caught up with us.

02-05-16 Party in the Trash Heap and all of Shiloh's invited!

02-01-16 Hop into a new month with the Wok of Stars.

01-23-16 The inmates at Shiloh have gotten some more work done backstage.

01-05-16 Updated the forums, but still some tweaking to do.

01-05-16 Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

01-01-16 The Wok of Stars is going to remember the perfect item right after they walk away.

01-01-16 If you're seeing this, Kinak is still celebrating the new year and hasn't released January's item.