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Item Number: 1056
Description ID: 2901523
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yule log
Plural: yule logs
Yule never believe what some elemental hero did to this log: set it on fire! Actually, I guess that's a pretty sensible thing to do to a log. Usually it's in a fireplace at the time of the lighting, though. Anyway, it doesn't burn that hot, and it burns very slowly, so yule get warmed but not burned if you carry it by the lone branch sticking out of the side.

Offhand Item
Item cannot be auto-sold

+2 PP per turn

How Obtained

One yule log was given to each elemental player by Ryme as a gift for Yule, 2009. The message said:

Wishing you a yummy Yuletide, or whatever the holiday's catchphrase is. Hopefully all those other holidays are treating you well, too.


P.S. I probably sound like a grump when I say this, but as a public service announcement, I'd like to refer anyone who isn't familiar with the game policies or needs a refresher to check out the policies link in the footer. Every year these holiday items cause a number of players to forget the rules and commit multi abuse in order to give themselves more of them. I don't want to spend my Christmas week scolding or disabling accounts, and I'm sure no players want to be on the receiving end of such notes. So let's keep this festive occasion about giving and generosity (to other people) and not focus so much on greed (giving to oneself), shall we?

Seriously, though, I hope you're having a happy holidays!


Included item: yule log (quantity 1)Yule-log2.gif

When Used

You readjust your functional fixation on the log until you're fixated on solely one function: it's a step stool, and nothing else.

You got an item: yule step-stool Yule-log.gif

There's no use trying to do something else with this log. Yule never get anything better than what you've got now.

You grip the log by the lone branch/handle. Viola! a shield!

You got an item: yule shield Yule-log2.gif

You set the log down on end and have yourself a seat, and a nice, long, think.

You got an item: yule thinking perch Yule-log.gif


  • Yule is a reference to the German celebration of Yuletide.