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  • Archive continues here.

12-28-15 The Wok of Stars has some new offerings from TitaniCo.

12-25-15 Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas, Twilight!

12-25-15 Kinak will be out the next couple days celebrating with family, so issues might be handled a little slowly.

12-18-15 You want more Shiloh areas? Shoot.

12-15-15 As the patients at Shiloh know, going around in circles for hours and expecting people to be entertained is the definition of madness.

12-11-15 December's fixes are moving right along on the blogthing.

12-09-15 Building all these new zones takes a lot of work... and a hidden factory.

12-03-15 It's getting cold outside, so Shiloh has opened its new pool.

12-01-15 The Wok of Stars is ready to launch.

11-26-15 If you need some help cooking your turkey, the fine folks in the Furnace Room could lend a hand.

11-19-15 Rand has some distressing news for higher-level characters: the first chapter of the Mad Scientist quest is here!

11-10-15 Kicking off a contest to recruit new heroes with a lot of help from Erfmortium.

11-10-15 Added a link from the donation page for other ways to help out the game.

11-07-15 Server updates are done. Let Kinak know if you're having any problems.

11-06-15 Server updates this weekend. Hopefully nothing too huge.

11-04-15 A group of villains is trying to disrupt the climactic seventh game of the World Series... I never said they were competent villains.

11-02-15 Rollover will be an hour later tonight for those whose countries have not fallen under the Daylight Saver's sway.

11-01-15 It's International Joke Day! And there's nothing in the Wok.

11-01-15 Here's to eight years of Twilight Heroes!

10-31-15 Happy Halloween, heroes of Twilight!

10-29-15 Round out October with some nice roundup of changes and bug fixes.

10-21-15 October's podcast and the results of the crafting contest are up at the blogplace!

10-20-15 You can now switch to image light combat and inventory (from the account page).

10-18-15 Twilight's wandering villains have stolen some combat text.

10-15-15 Beware the Ides of October.

10-12-15 With the crafting contest closed, you can ask your questions for the contests' podcast.

10-09-15 Remember the October 2015 Crafting Contest closes soon.

10-08-15 Added a couple sneaky new ways for understudies to learn.

10-04-15 There's now more text in SPAAAAACE!

10-01-15 Wait, is this a Wok of Stars or a cat shelter?

09-28-15 Compete to craft the finest crafting recipes in the October 2015 Crafting Contest.

09-24-15 New text is now being shouted among the mountaintops.

09-22-15 Leagues can now name Quartermasters to manage vaults and master quarters.

09-18-15 Leagues' leaders may find an interesting new option in their vaults.

09-16-15 Jekyll and Hyde Park now has text fair and foul.

09-11-15 Little features and bug fixes rounded up in today's post.

09-06-15 Today's forecast is sunny, with a chance of additional text in the desert.

09-01-15 Play some rounds with the Wok of Stars.

09-01-15 Also take note of something a little different with this month's Heirloom Derby.

08-31-15 Happy Birthday to Kinak. Happy Birthday to Kinak. *hums*

08-19-15 Heavy Industry has now constructed more text for its residents.

08-07-15 Another relisting option has been added to the International House of Auctions.

08-05-15 The Wok of Stars reminds us there's no power like solar power.

07-29-15 Heading to GenCon until Monday. August's Wok item may be late.

07-20-15 Find the answers to all your questions in July's Podcast.

07-18-15 New enemy text has shown up in Downtown.

07-16-15 Fixed some bugs, but not my love for terrible puns, over at the blog.

07-10-15 Ask your burning questions in the July Podcast Thread.

07-03-15 The tide of enemy text has reached Porcelain Bay.

07-01-15 Get your new... er, terrifying old computer at the Wok of Stars!

06-23-15 The IHOA will now share some of the records it's been collecting.

06-18-15 Added some guidance and options for the jumping test in NCI Live.

06-15-15 The march of text continues, taking a brief stop at the Casinos.

06-11-15 University enemies with missing text should be more vocal.

06-10-15 Just a friendly note - this month marks a year of Heirloom Derbies, so next month's derby will change out some prizes.

06-09-15 Added a few new companions to keep everyone company.

06-04-15 Kinak's feeling better and, on reflection, it's about time for June's Item of the Month.

05-31-15 Sorry, but Kinak's under the weather and June's item will be a day or two late.

05-25-15 A fresh batch of spring bug fixes are up on the blog.

05-20-15 Added a couple of new options for those with auctions listed.

05-19-15 Lots of enemies in Somerset gained attack messages. Some of them are even funny!

05-15-15 Beware the Ides of May.

05-01-15 Fresh from the dungeon, the Wok has a new item for May.

04-13-15 Let me know if any of the initial IHOA results didn't come through for you.

04-09-15 Now that we're done exploring past times, it's past time for Twilight's favorite pastime.

04-09-15 The International House of Auctions has leveraged that portal to the past to start offering a different type of auctions.

04-08-15 After his pummelings from Twilight's heroes, the Daylight Saver only has 24 stolen hours left. But of course he'd keep delaying Opening Day. Jerk.

04-04-15 Things are having come to a head in the past.

04-01-15 Happy Wednesday! Is something special supposed to be going on?

04-01-15 The Wok has a new item and it's a riot.

03-28-15 The March of the bug fixes continues on the blog.

03-25-15 Don't worry, be frusion.

03-19-15 The market is open... was open... however that works.

03-12-15 Where does the past get these wonderful toys?

03-08-15 Remember tonight's rollover will be affected by Daylight Saving Time.

03-01-15 Fruse your pants at the Wok of Stars.

02-29-15 In honor of Leap Day, some old enemies have hopped back into the scene with new tricks.

02-26-15 That's one seriously old car... vehicle lot.

02-23-15 Something very strange is going on at the old Auction House downtown.

02-22-15 The networking issues from before should be resolved.

02-14-15 Happy Villaintine's Day!

02-01-15 The Wok of Stars wishes you a bea... very merry February.

01-30-15 "Too hard" high scores are now listed for the world to see on your profile.

01-27-15 On the bright side, it finally feels like January.

01-23-15 Captain Buzzkill has escaped from prison and is ready to brew Twilight a steaming cup of sadness.

01-01-15 The new year brings a frigid new item to the Wok of Stars.

01-01-15 January's Wok item and the month's new heirloom boards will be coming out later today.