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12-31-10 January's Item of the Month is available in the Wok of Stars in Somerset.

12-29-10 Snow day! Today and tomorrow.

12-23-10 Ursula's warehouse has been turned into a Mall where players can set up their own shops. Naturally, there's a new page in the manual to give you some useful guidance.

12-20-10 Squeezeballs and Silver Spoons must go the way of paper boys. Now it's time for another year of Wok talismans.

12-19-10 The Twilight Development council is petitioning to turn Ursula's old warehouse space into some sort of flea market or collection of shops. There may be a few days of paperwork and cleanup before the space is ready, though.

12-12-10 It's time for the final showdown with Ursula. Time to show those stuffed animals who's boss!

12-12-10 We had some maintenance earlier. Things seem clear, but if you see any errors or unusual behavior, please let me know.

12-11-10 New chat features! Chat will tell you if someone else sends you a message, buff, or trade request. (This is just notification -- you still have to load a main page to actually receive the buff, or an item from a message.)

12-05-10 Uh-oh! It looks like Ursula's gifts was a front for a villainous attempt to take over the casinos. There's evil animatronic toys to fight, all week long!

12-02-10 Hey, it's a snow day! Just because.

11-30-10 December's Item of the Month is available in the Wok of Stars.

11-23-10 The next "Tea Time with Ryme" will be Tuesday, November 23 at 8:00 p.m. US Mountain time (roughly 1:10 before rollover), for a live Q&A session about the game. Details on the forums.

11-20-10 Some database tweaks today seem to have been many times more successful than I expected. You may hopefully see noticeable improvements, especially right after rollover.

11-19-10 Just in time for the holidays, cute and cuddly giftables in Ursula's shop by the casinos.

11-07-10 Your character sheet now shows your to-hit and dodge ability, plus your offensive and defensive power ratings.

11-07-10 The Ultimate Aviator Goggles and Atmos Spear have been given super jumps along with their Flying ability for mostly narrative reasons.

11-07-10 The Black Market no longer stocks completely redundant overpriced power converters, but now stocks exceptionally overpriced electronic cabling. (Must be that gold-plated stuff.)

11-07-10 Casino quest update. Details on the forums. Contact me if you're in the middle of the quest and seem to be stuck.

11-03-10 Your hero's journal now has a section for personal notes.

10-31-10 November's Items of the Month set brought to you by Mother Goose.

10-30-10 Happy Halloween, and happy 3rd anniversary, Twilight! Please join us in costume and candy festivities!

10-28-10 The Boston Stranglers have fooled no-one by delaying their annual disruption by a few days. You've got one day to put them back in jail before the police do it for you.

10-21-10 The Gadgeteer skill 'Supercomputer Skills' is now intrinsic to the class. That skill no longer exists, and will soon be replaced by something else. Also, all computer types can now be created in multiples.

10-20-10 Psions now get to have 1 aura every 6 levels, instead of the 1:8 that other classes get.

10-19-10 Twilight historians should very well know a special event is coming up in a few days. The rest of you should consider yourselves warned.

10-17-10 SQUID player update. Details on the forums.

10-16-10 Elementals and Psions each have a new skill. Details in the manual.

10-06-10 There's a little b-quest available from hints location in Somerset, assuming you're at least halfway through level 3.

10-03-10 I'm doing something unusual and letting players vote for what game addition they'd like to see next. Put your vote in here.

10-02-10 Retcon histories have date stamps displayed now. Also, the Wok has a way for players with no pulls to get to their gold/silver stars to purchase donation items.

09-30-10 (changed on Oct 3rd) New item of the month. It's Scottish, so it's not crap.

09-30-10 (original version) New item of the month, with (insert Scottish joke here).

09-25-10 Retcon! Retcon is here! Twilight has gone beyond beta, and into uh, gamma, or something. To get started, talk to Rand about your next quest. Time to fight the Mick!

09-25-10 Sugar has received the same treatment as caffeine. No notable exceptions, just a wider range around the average returns.

09-19-10 Some notes about (minor) caffeine consumption changes on the forums.

09-18-10 The next "Tea Time with Ryme" will be Saturday, September 18 at 7:30 p.m. US Mountain time (roughly 1:40 before rollover), for a live Q&A session about the game. Details on the forums.

09-16-10 Another handful of villains have been set wandering, where they will go.

09-07-10 Fun sidekick interface upgrade! You can give different roles different names, to really bring out the personality of your understudy's characters.

08-31-10 September's completely not-a-set items of the month are in the Wok of Stars.

08-29-10 Welding recipe cleanup for tritanium and cryonite. Details on the forums.

08-26-10 We have shirts! (The real-life kind.) More on the forums.

08-22-10 In what is sure to be an unpopular move, most sugar and caffeine now have level requirements for consumption.

08-21-10 A handful of new villains have moved to the city and may cause trouble on occasion.

08-14-10 If you're level 11+ and looking for a new mini quest, I'm not going to give you a hint, but there's someone in Somerset who can. Someone good with hints.

08-02-10 Many more pages in the game will now recognize that you have a pending message and alert you to this fact. (A few still do not for technical reasons, but most do.)

07-31-10 August's majestic Item of the Month is in the wok.

07-31-10 The City of Lost Robots zone is a bit less challenging than before, and computer parts will be a bit easier to come by.

07-21-10: On the heels of all that good stuff ... the jetpack and VHF-1 fighter (and future flying gadgets) require the Passable Pilot skill to operate.

07-21-10: Somerset has a new beginner-friendly zone, which collapses with 2 other easy zones into a subzone once you hit level 3--don't be surprised by the locations shuffling.

Also added: 2 new recipes! 1 new drop in a very old zone! 1 new badge! 1 one-time reward that will help low-level players get some chips.

07-20-10 The next "Tea Time with Ryme" will be Tuesday, July 20 at 8:00 p.m. US Mountain time (roughly 1 hour before rollover), for a live Q&A session about the game. Details on the forums.

07-19-10 If you encounter a wandering villain just as you're changing zones, the game should in most cases update the Last Area Patrolled link to the new location.

07-15-10 Everybody should secretly have gotten another first-level skill. Each class should have one buff and one combat skill when they start.

07-13-10 One more item in the criminology lab.

06-30-10 Cuttlefish! Let us, dear friends not let us forget our dear friends, the Item of the Month, which is in the Wok of Stars.

06-27-10 New items in Bazooko's Surplus, which have been spliced into some plasteel recipes. Changed some prices (mostly lower) in both stores, too.

06-27-10 Titanium shield and reinforced helmet recipes have been changed to use low-poower[sic] items from Pilant's, instead of the old components that were recently upgraded.

06-20-10 Two new items in the criminology lab, courtesy of Gwen Chen and Leyonne MacDuff, respectively.

06-19-10 Changed some back-end things on caffeine and sugar, most of which shouldn't be noticeable. The popup display is a little more forthcoming now about fullness, and the use things page differentiates the two.

05-31-10 N instances of June's Item of the Month are available in the Wok of Stars, for various values of N. (You'll see.)

Also, I've pushed updates for some straggler items: red pen, gem powders, manly man drink, and employee manual.

Thirdly, there's a little /whois update for chat.

05-31-10 Added a retcon information page to the Game Manual, so the curious can be pointed to an authoritative source.

05-30-10 Overclocking chip now works. Think that's all of the Wandering Villain items. Also: ginger beer and frusion combat items.

05-27-10 Captain Buzzkill is back! Can you save Twilight City from his perpetual gloominess?

05-18-10 Five of the unimplemented wandering villain items became operational this week. Still have a few (three?) more to go.

04-30-10 May's "computationally challenged" Item of the Month is available in the Wok of Stars.

04-27-10 The next "Tea Time with Ryme" will be Tuesday, April 27 at 8:00 p.m. US Mountain time (roughly 1 hour before rollover), for a live Q&A session about the game. Details on the forums.

04-05-10 There's some new adventure to be had today.

04-02-10 The Boston Stranglers have taken over Frank's Ballpark. Again. Why that guy doesn't hire better security is a complete mystery.

04-01-10 Holy mother of quest flowcharts, batman! Quest flowchart.

03-31-10 The Wok of Stars has April's puzzling prismatic item in stock.

03-29-10 Just starting to talk about a possible Chicago-area Twilight Heroes meetup around July 5. Details on the forums.

03-22-10 A multitude of malkamite recipes have been added.

03-10-10 Electronic Understanding and Meditation ought to be working with skill points. The +/- noncombat skills, too.

03-08-10 More skills updates (upgrade weapons, skills page on manual, popups.) Details still on forums.

03-07-10 Bunch of skill points updates this weekend, but too long for here. The forum post has all the details.

03-02-10 Skill points are partially implemented. About half of the development still to come. Details on the forums.

03-01-10 Gadgeteers have a level 15 skill: Sniper

02-28-10 Northlanders and Southlanders alike can now acquire this month's Item of the Month in the Wok of Stars.

02-24-10 The folks down at the Mementonian Memuseum have upgraded everyone's display space. Fancy interface goodness for all!

02-17-10 Can it be? Really? A conclusion to the frusion? Er, sorry for the unintentional rhyme.

02-15-10 A couple of narrative updates to the frusion event, which will be ending soon. I promise.

02-08-10 Frusion updates. Finally!

02-02-10 February's delayed Item of the Month has finally arrived. Hope you think it's as super as I do.

02-01-10 There's a new assemble recipe that'll help in Hyde Park, and two new items in Ebeneezer's store.

02-01-10 More additions to the Hyde Park event. Sorry for the delays over the weekend, but the pace will pick up now.

01-31-10 February's Item of the Month is going to be delayed by a day or two.

01-27-10 New opponents in the new zone the last couple of days, and new items in the related store.

01-24-10 Strange energies are emanating from somewhere in the northwest side of the city. Can you check it out? Details on the forums shortly.

01-21-10 Snow day! Snow day! Snow day! A pox of snow upon all thy houses!

01-20-10 As with pentium yesterday, so it is with paladinum today.

01-19-10 I've added a dozen pentium-related welding recipes. Many are inspired by the welding contest, but not all match exactly.

01-15-10 The next "Tea Time with Ryme" will be Friday, January 15 at 7:00 p.m. US Mountain time (I think that's GMT -7?)), for a live Q&A session about the game. Details on the forums.

01-01-10 Happy new year! Happy new decade! (What do we call it, anyway? The tens? The teens? The two-oh-ones?) And happy new Item of the Month, too.