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Username: Jesus

Player ID: (# 229 )

4th player to complete a 1 day run.


lvl Elemental Gadgeteer Naturalist Psion
1 Proper Grounding (58) Endurance (61) Ant's Strength (66) Aura: Vim (27)
1 Throw Sparks (54) Stun Gas (59) Kangaroo Punch (65) Mind Poke (68)
2 Air Shield (50) Upgrade Armor (56) Charge of the Bovine (63) Knit Flesh (67)
3 Ice Bolt (41) Basic Martial Arts (20) Mantis Reflexes (62) Telekinesis (60)
4 Groundquake (49) First Aid (11) Echolocation (10) Aura: Mystery (57)
5 Proper Hydration (7) Sugar Purifier (36) Memory of the Elephant (39) Premonition (12)
6 Lightning Bolt (32) Upgrade Weapons (26) Armadillo Armor (31) Mind Jab (43)
7 Fire Shield (44) Metal Detector (8) Snout of the Swine (34) Wind Warrior (28)
8 Stone Armor (25) Advanced Martial Arts (19) Starfish Regeneration (4) Aura: Keen Observation (2)
9 Tornado (30) Aerodynamic Vehicle (64) Talons of the Raptor (38) Knit Bone (23)
10 Lifeblood Manipulation (1) Improved Tinkering (18) Trample of the Rhino (24) Meditation (5)
11 Metalmorph (22) Electric Net (29) Summon Wolf (35) Electronic Understanding (21)
12 Firestorm (6) Catalyze (33) Nurture vs. Nature (17) Aura: Vigor (42)
13 Summon Water Sprite (40) Shock Grenade (51) Spines of the Echidna (48) Psionic Blast (53)
14 The Fire Within (14) Stealth (3) Sinus of the Shark (47) Detachment (55)
15 Sundowner Breeze (13) Sniper (16) Summon Water Buffalo (46) Biofeedback (52)
16 Not Implemented yet. Battle Armor (15) Maul of the Cave Bear (45) Aura: Mental Magnetism (9)
Non Class Skills
x Artistic Warrior (69) Fast Learner (37) Precompletion Pro (...0?)

Retcon Important Equipment

Helmet: Insanely super bowl helmet - effectively +10 XP (no level)

foyal crown - +7 XP non-donation alternative (level 8)
Seppia's cephalopod skullcap - -5 sec (no level)

Weapon: n-barreled shotgun (triple) - +6 XP (level 3)

Atmos Spear (shortened) - provides flight for Level 10 quest (no level)
hammer time or Zeno's bow - -5 sec (level 6)
short end of the stick - +3% item drop (level 3)

Shirt: Viking Games jersey - +5 XP (no level)

'hip' t-shirt - effectively +5 XP (no level event item)
lab coat - +2 XP non-donation alternative (level 8)
xentrium breastplate - -10 sec (level 9)
The Murk's Silk Shirt - -5 sec (level 9)
buckskin coat - +4% item drop (level 10)
harness - +2% item drop (level 5)
combative 'tank' top - +5% combat chance (level 9)

Gloves: Mummers' gloves - -5% combat chance (no level)

sticky gloves - +3% item drop (no level)
gnat gloves - +2% item drop, super jumps (level 5)

Pants: three-speed bicycle shorts (first gear) - -5, 10, or 15 sec, first gear also gives bonus XP (no level, level 5, level 10)

datapants - +5 XP and -5 sec (level 6 donation derivative)
great Scottish kilt - effectively +5 XP, escape combat 5 times per day (no level)
moital combat fatigues - effectively +5 XP non-donation alternative (level 10)
xentrium breeches - -10 sec (level 10)
barrel full of monkeys (monkeys not included) - +5% item drop, super jumps (level 9 donation derivative)
discount pants - +3% item drop (no level)

Boots: Roderick's Boots - super jump (no level)

sneakiers - -5% combat (level 8)
Stiletto Shoes of Stealthy Subtlety - -5% combat, +5% reflexes (level 10)
Hobbes' nail boots +5% combat, +5% item drop (no level)
Prefontane's shoes - -10 sec (level 10)
xentrium boots - -5 sec (level 7)

Offhand: Filthy sock puppet - effectively +8 XP (no level)

Rook of the Cataclysm - effectively +10 XP (level 7)
xentrium shield - -10 sec (level 10)
flashlight - +5% item drop (no level)
Rolled Doll dahl - -5% combat (no level)

Accessories: Hero's Cape - +20% item drop, PP restore (no level)

Wolley's Index - +20 % item drop, +8 psychic damage (no level)
Cupid's quiver - +20 % item drop, +3% stun, +3% HP restore through damage (no level)
binoculars - +10 item drop non-donation alternative (level 7)
Embossed emblem +4 XP, +3% stun (Level 4)
blue chip socks - effectively at least +6 XP (level 10)
shoehorn - -5 sec (level 5)
Ali C bling - +5% combat (level 4)

Transportation: Lexura Infinides D-8 - PP restore (no level, range 4)

The Dingo's Lotus - +3% XP (level 9, range 4)
Emmett McFlie's hoverboard - effectively +4 XP (no level, range 3)
Paradime device - HP and PP restore, +5 dodge (no level, range 3)

Talisman: Grimm's Bulwark or Rake's Garden Trowel - HP and PP restore

Special wooden cup - +3 XP
seashell locket - PP restore, underwater breathing
Thunder in a Bottle - -2 to cost of skills

Misc: positronic computer

personal copy of the internet
Garcia's Traffic Avoider software‎
throwing star - black hole
throwing star - magnetar
throwing star - red dwarf
gold coin
combat paperclip
swingline stapler
SQUID discs (if also Seppia's cephalopod skullcap)

Some pulls, class skills, no food, sidekick at 9

With this set-up I've been able to do a 7 day run. Under those restrictions, you can wait 3 days before actually playing a turn. Obviously you want everything as soon as possible, but you can put off, say, an Embossed emblem because with the level requirement there are other things you can get more immediate use of.

Day 1-3 - Talisman. No matter which one it is, day 1 is the day to pull it and equip it.

Transportation. This a "pull and forget" kind of thing. A Lexura will open up all quest areas.
General equipment. The insanely helmet gives the most XP bang (when the +FT is factored in), followed by the Viking Jersey (since the shotgun has a level requirement). Mummers' gloves will speed up quests. Bicycle shorts offer -time and and stay Level-relevant with their different forms. Throwing stars aren't necessary, but will make most combat pretty academic. A Hero's Cape or Wolley's Index could help with swipe cards... If you're a non-Elemental, you may also want the skullcap; it's possible you'll hit Level 6 before decrypting all the swipe cards, and the skullcap will allow you to keep wearing your other pulled equipment.
A computer. With 3 days of turns banked, you ought to be able to get into or finish the Level 5 quest if you have one of these to pull. And if you haven't prepared software to pull in advance, you might as well take personal copy of the internet while you're at it. If you have prepared some software, pull Garcia's Traffic Avoider.
Gold coin. You'll be gaining Levels faster than you can pay for them in-run, so this will keep you from stopping your quest progress unnecessarily.

You won't be able to play all the turns you've built up and those added by Leveling, so you'll have quite a bit to work with on the fourth day. I've been able to get pretty far into the Level 8 quest by the end of this day, so that suggests some pulls if they haven't been pulled previously...

Day 4 - Roderick's Boots. You'll want to unlock the Rooftops so you can use Quincy's rental coupon. If you're brave, you may also want to grind at the Rooftops. Spoiler alert: I'm not brave. Also, you're likely to get a bunch of non-XP gaining choice adventures, so it might be better to grind at the Docks instead.

Sneakiers. They'll help speed up quests and Cube grinding.
Any other general equipment that may not have made the previous days' cut.

After this, there's another lull; one day won't be enough time to finish, so you might as well hold out for two so you have more pulls to work with in the turns you have to spend. At the end of day 6, you should be close to Level 11 or partway through the Level 11 quest.

Day 5-6 - Atmos Spear. Flying will speed up part of the Level 10 quest, and this is a source of the ability you don't need passable pilot for.

Rolled Doll dahl. If you haven't had the chance to pull it already, it'll reduce the time grinding in the Cube.
combat paperclip and/or swingline stapler. If you get to that point in the quest and haven't gotten the appropriate drops, pull them so you don't have to wait. If you do get them to drop, you might as well pull TNT instead to make the Mick fight go smoother.

Day 7 - TNT.

Some pulls, no skills, caffeine, sidekick at 9

This set-up allows much faster runs, but a faster run means fewer pulls. Meaning that you have a lot less leeway with each pull you make, and on top of that you'll have to pull most of your caffeine so you're even more restricted in your other pulls. I've been able to do one of these in four days, which means 20 pulls. Of those, you'd want 6 of them to be Brays to maximize turns... plus highly recommended pulls like a computer, Atmos Spear, Roderick's Boots, a gold coin, Transportation, and a non-basic Talisman... and you're looking at around just 8 pulls that are left to some kind of choice.

Day 1 - Grimm's Bulwark, Lexura, bicycle shorts, insanely... helmet, and Viking Games jersey

With the turn count caffeine will give you, banking turns just isn't as practical. However, you probably won't be able to reach a level that'll allow you to down the best caffeine on day 1, so this will be the only day you don't have Brays to pull. This means that you should pull whatever +XP stuff you want now, along with the usual Talisman and Transportation. The idea is to adventure until you have enough chips (probably via The Arsonist) that you can buy 22 Gingerelle/ette at the Black Market. 12 for that first day, and another 10 to cap off your caffeine limit after Brays for the rest of the run. Obviously, this only works if the Market is selling them that particular day.

Day 2 - Mummers' gloves, gold coin, positronic computer, Bray energy drink (x2)

As before, the gloves speed up quests, the coin lets you buy whatever levels you need, and the computer is needed for the Level 5 quest, which you can finish on day 2. I was able to comfortably hit Level 6 in this time... but if you don't, you can always substitute a Bray with Mister Tea (or better yet, you might be able to buy them from the Market and use the pull for something else) to get whatever extra boost you might need.

Day 3 - Atmos Spear, sneakiers, Garcia's Traffic Avoider, Bray (x2)

This day could see you go from the Bay all the way to the start of the Cube. With that in mind, the spear allows you to use the Quincy coupon, you will get more out of the +chips now rather than later, and Call Lightning can be effective against the Octotron if you lack an effective damage-dealing spell. The other two non-Brays are there, as usual, to speed up quests and grinding at the Cube. I'm recommending Garcia's rather than a Rolled Doll dahl because you may have other items for the offhand slot, but the computer is otherwise doing nothing.

Day 4 - Bray (x2), TNT (x2), Roderick's Boots

You'll need the boots during the Level 11 quest. Other than that... I suppose if you're braver than me you could sub out the TNT for paperclip/stapler if necessary, but you may be better served farming them. After hitting The Mick with whatever TNT you've got, bear in mind that you still have Call Lightning at your disposal should you need it.

Merit Badges

Heroic Recycler From Dusk 'Til Dawn Crystal Collector Coffee Snob
Joltin' Joe Sombrero Pinball Wizard Delayed Gratification Talk About an Old Timer
Really Out to Sea Tremors Are My Friend Two Bits Times Two Lazy Boy and the Recliner
Think-this-badge-is-about-you.gif Dinosaur-in-a-haystack.jpg What-no-cake.gif Weeeeh-weeeeh-weeeeh.gif
Some-town-in-maryland.gif Six-half-tons-and-what-do-you-get.gif Thirty-days-hath-september.gif Those-are-razor-thin-margins.gif
Quicker-picker-upper.gif Around-and-around-it-goes.gif One-man-cannot-summon-the-future.gif I-gotta-reputation-lots-of-them.gif
Once-twice-four-times-a-hero.gif You-omicron-believe-it.gif I-always-died-on-the-first-screen.gif Elephant-in-my-pajamas.jpg

Current Projects

I am trying to collect 10 of every item, excluding ridiculous things like donation, coal, and rare items. Sadly, some items will be forever out of reach -- class talismans, quest items, rental items, and whatever I might be forgetting.

Ebon-eye.gif Abaddon-charm.gif Ultimate-goggles.gif Corrupt-amulet.gif Wooden-cup.gif Boom-stick.gif Filthy-sock-puppet.gif Squid-disc2.gif Scepter-of-umr.gif

Brute force drop percentages:
Cube Theater - 9000
Castle Hundenswein - 4000
Delta Delta Delta - 3500 turns
A renegade robot hive - 3000
The Docks - 3000 (before white elephant gift was added)

Additionally, chip drops for the Guild for Imaginative Metachronism

Alter Ego

Username: Solitude

Player ID: (# 257 )

Class: Elemental

Level: 50


Solitude spends his days spading item drops. Currently lamenting his inability to get a SQUID disc: The Best Memory.