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(Character ID #3554)

Can't code, gotta work.


SuperFriend is intended to be a Buff-bot. Current mission is to acquire all skills that could be of service to other players. I intend it has a Digitizer, though hopefully someone will donate a Recyclonizer to complete the suite of offerings.


Green are skills already acquired. Yellow are yet to be acquired. I plan on ending as a Naturalist, rather than perming all those skills. (Probably should have planned to end as an Elemental -- but didn't realize I'd lust after so many of those skills)

Elemental Gadgeteer Naturalist Psion
1 Proper Grounding Endurance Ant's Strength Aura: Vim
1 Throw Sparks Stun Gas Kangaroo Punch Mind Poke
2 Air Shield Upgrade Armor Charge of the Bovine Knit Flesh
3 Ice Bolt Basic Martial Arts Mantis Reflexes Telekinesis
4 Groundquake First Aid Echolocation Aura: Mystery
5 Proper Hydration Sugar Purifier Memory of the Elephant Premonition
6 Lightning Bolt Upgrade Weapons Armadillo Armor Mind Jab
7 Fire Shield Metal Detector Snout of the Swine Wind Warrior
8 Stone Armor Advanced Martial Arts Starfish Regeneration Aura: Keen Observation
9 Tornado Not Implemented yet. Talons of the Raptor Knit Bone
10 Lifeblood Manipulation Improved Tinkering Trample of the Rhino Meditation
11 Metalmorph Electric Net Summon Wolf Electronic Understanding
12 Firestorm Catalyze Nurture vs. Nature Aura: Vigor
13 Summon Water Sprite Shock Grenade Spines of the Echidna Psionic Blast
14 The Fire Within Stealth Sinus of the Shark Detachment
15 Sundowner Breeze Sniper Summon Water Buffalo Biofeedback
16 Not Implemented yet. Battle Armor Maul of the Cave Bear Aura: Mental Magnetism
Other Precompletion Pro, Artistic Warrior, Fast Learner

Table edited and taken from Class Comparison Tables