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Up to date as of November 6th, 2011. Use with caution.


This guide IS for:

  • Players who have been playing for a while and are interested in getting into farming
  • Players have been farming for a little while, and want to improve their income
  • Players who have the supernatural ability to bear my writing style

So let's get started then.


Golden Wooden Nickel Casino

  • Good for low level players, Jackpot! gives a good sum of chips, at least at first. But that's not what we're here for, now is it?

Cube Theater

  • Good for mid-level players, high droprate of autosell-able items, good chip drops, non-combat encounter can either net you good chips or XP.

Yang Boulevard

  • The chips, items, items drops and fight difficulty are comparable to Cube, though the non-combats are generally not as nice. What you're really looking for is green tea, a caffeine item dropped from the Black-market herbalist that can give up to 360 minutes of +50% chips a day!

Vincile Building

  • Considerably tougher than the theater, a wide variety of autosellable items and useful consumables, and better chips drops.

Castle Hundenswein

  • Now THIS is true farming. High chip drops, items autosell for crazy amounts of chips, and a couple items have great recipes for farming. This is however a very hard area to survive- spending hundreds of turns here isn't realistic unless you're at least level 20 or optimize your equipment for combat (and thus not farming!).

Choice Encounters

Cube Theater

  • For intermission, take the right most path for chips, or the center for XP. Simple choice. Sometimes, an ultra-rare fourth option appears. If so, take it. The item can be sold to collectors for a lot!

Yang Boulevard

  • Maximize combats to get your hands on as much green tea as possible, as mentioned earlier.
  • The encounters Rain on Your Parade and San Amigos aren't particularly useful. You might as well pick up some rainwater for the free PP and beat up one of the Amigos for their items. Try to avoid non-combats.

Vincile Building

  • You'll sometimes be presented with a choice to take a trilowatt computer or not. Either is fine.
  • Try to minimize non-combat encounters here, as they don't pay quite as well in items and chips as combats do.

Castle Hundenswein

Item/Skill Enchantments to get

Fairly straightforward. Consult these links in order to optimize your equipment. In order of greater to lesser utility:

  • +Item drop, +chip find are obviously the most important enchantments for farming. As a starting suggestion, one percent of +items is as good as two percent of +chips. Your experience with this will vary, so experiment with mixtures.
  • -Time is useful, for getting more fights and thus more items out of each day
  • +Sidekick Effectiveness gives you boost to either chips or items. This can be quite powerful if you a powerful enough +chips sidekick!
  • +PP/turn, +PP/damage allows you to keep more buffs on yourself, which translates to more chips or ability to cope with a difficult farming area.
  • -Skill cost can be worn outside of combat when casting buffs to increase the number of buffs you can cast. Just don't forget to switch back to your farming equipment!
  • And pretty much all enchantments not mentioned above might help you to cope with a difficult farming area, but secondary to actually getting more chips and items!


Neither +%chips or +%items are optimal alone - the best is a combination of the two. That being said, in most equipment slots there is an obvious superior for either one. Bolded items are the most recommended.

Pick and match from these sets:

Chips Drop

See the Chips Drop Summary Table for a more extensive list.

Item Drops

See the Items Drop Summary Table for a more extensive list.

Specialized Item Drops

Time Modifiers

Improved Sidekick Effectiveness

This can be quite powerful in conjunction with a high-level accountant or noble. With these sidekicks at level 20, +sidekick effectiveness is essentially equivalent to +chips drop. Hint hint.

Other Effects


  • The dice keychain gives +20% chips at the cost of only -1 PP/turn. Incredibly useful.
  • The Ultimate Aviator Goggles have a +10% chip drops buff, but also a -5% items drop. Also gives +2 PP/turn.
  • The cat's eye amulet gives both +5% items and chips, but you're going to need to find something to offset the fumbles. The Upgrade Weapons skill's "self-balancing" option works nicely.
  • If you don't have any of the above, anything that increases your PP regeneration or decreases your PP cost is better than nothing.


These are assumed to be at max effective level.


With the advent of Retcon, selecting your class matters less than having the right permed skills on hand. Generally, given that you have all the skills you want, Naturalists and Gadgeteers have a slight advantage over the other classes, due to slightly better HP and hit chances. Again, however, this is only a minor difference, and you're free to use whatever class you like once you have enough permed skills.


Software isn't particularly important unless you really want to increase combat or noncombat encounters.

Caffeine and Sugar

Here's some good news. Because you're buying food to make chips, not spend them, you can stick with vendor stuff and drops and still be optimal. Yup, Misters Tea and stroopwafelen. Misters Tea should be bought en masse when they're at the Black Market, and stroopwafelen drop at the Castle. If you're not at the Castle, use eyeball gumballs, search for some cheap sugar at the Mall or get some frosted cocoa-fruity marshmallow blasts from the Criminology Lab. If you manage to get your hands on some green tea, they give an impressive +50% chips boost. Whether this is worth one less caffeine-hour than Mister Tea is up to you.

Skills to have


There are two recipes that will come in handy for farming in the Castle. The first is the clockwork kangaroo, which increases item drops, and is created by combining a clockwork core and a xentrium crossbow. The other is the philtre of fortune, created by combining lustrous liquid and golden powder.

More coming soon...

Miscellaneous advice

  • Remember that some items are worth a surprising amount on player Mall, especially uncommon items or useful consumables. Look up items if you are curious- you may be able to get away with selling them for much more than their auto-sell value!
  • If you choose to farm somewhere other than the above listed areas, remember that not all areas have chips drops, and equip yourself accordingly.