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Obtained from skill/item

The following companions can be obtained by a class specific skill. If the skill is used on the caster, the companion is summoned. If it is used on another hero, the target hero receives an item in a message. Using that item summons the companion.




Obtained from item

Regular dropped items

clockwork core assembled items

steamwork core assembled items

robotics kit assembled items

Plaid couch items

The Grouch's Sack items

mystical slouch of sorcerous mayhem items


Disguise Foe


Obtained from another source


Sidekicks are only available after you get the first one, Basic understudy, at some point of the level 9 quest. Other sidekick disciplines must be enabled before they can be chosen. Sidekick disciplines are chosen from the hideout.

Enabled at Firebird College at Philbin

Enabled by using an item

**Sidekicks that were Items of the Month

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