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 The information below consists of notes I find useful to have in one place. If others find it useful too, then welcome!

 My suggestions for anyone newer to the game than I are in what I call the Blind Leader's Guide.

 Any comments on the guide? Please leave them here. Any other comments? Please leave them on the discussion page.

Oft Used Pages

Modifiers List
Strength modifiers | Intellect modifiers | Reflexes modifiers | HP modifiers | PP modifiers
Hit Chance modifiers | Critical Hit Chance | Fumble Chance | Spell Critical Chance
Initiative modifiers | Offense modifiers | Extra attacks | Stunning
Bonus melee damage | Bonus ranged damage | Bonus spell damage | Bonus elemental damage | Strike-back damage
Damage absorption | Elemental resistance | Dodging modifiers | Defense modifiers
Chips Drop modifiers | Item Drop modifiers | XP modifiers
Skill Cost modifiers | Time modifiers | Foe Toughness modifiers | Combat chance modifiers | Special abilities
HP Regeneration | PP Regeneration

Item Creation Trees

Aqua melior

Lustrous liquid

Transparent tincture

Made by assembling foul spirits & lump of carmot.

Playing card

Random effect: Stacked Deck, Ace Up Your Sleeve, Feeling Flush, or It's in the Cards (60 min).

Time Sensitive Adventures

 Some adventures are time-sensitive. Just which these are are still being determined.


 10:00:00 : An occupied footpath in St. Anne Park.

 11:11:00 : Sweet Nostalgia in Shiloh Sanatarium.


 12:00:00 : not Ghost Town. Now that's a shame, really.

 12:12:00 : not in the sky, not underground, nor at Triassic Park.

 02:02:00 : not on campus.

Discovering New Items

 New Items found can be added by creating a page using the Item template.

 A Sandbox may be useful for testing a new item template.

Nodes to be Knowed

 The source for my Blind Leader's Guide is here.

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 No. No more, at least not from me.

 There are of course other user guides, and if all else fails, read the manual!